Developing Solutions for Cruise and Merchant Marine Applications

TRITON have broad knowledge and experience in executing complete electro-mechanical installations on board of different vessel types. Ranging from extensive involvement in retrofits on Cruise vessels to multitude of tasks for merchant marine and offshore units, from diesel-electric propulsion and sophisticated control and automation systems down to efficient and modern lighting, and from concept development, design and engineering to installation, commissioning, start-up and final delivery to the CLIENT.

When developing a custom solution for our CLIENTS, TRITON is taking into account the various requirements of the industry and Owner's input to make it to the joint, working solution. We can advise and help in making critical design decisions and choices.

Job sample 2017/057

Propulsion system: Overhaul of ABB Azipod CO1400-S2300E4-2760 Steering Assembly for passenger vessel.

Location: Latin America

Job sample 2017/176

Cruise ship transitional power system retrofit and upgrade to the new technology.

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/033

FMEA trials and consultancy report for an offshore DP vessel.

Location: North America

Job sample 2017/003

DP console layout and ergonomics planning, FAT, FMEA trials, acceptance

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/024

Upgrade and retrofit of emergency switchboard main breaker with necessary control wiring alteration for the passenger vessel

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/087

Electrical installation for CAP437  helideck of the offshore vessel, inclusive of status, perimeter lights, wiring, control system

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/048

Extensive cable works, expansion of the public address system for the passenger vessel, provision of manpower for general electrical works.

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/064

Deployment of the telecommunications, entertainment and data package to the passenger vessel, system concept development, specifications

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/061

On-board survey of the passenger vessel HV cabling system, examination of the thermal damage, development of feasible repair solution

Location: Asia

Job sample 2017/177

Procurement, retrofit of the new UPS system for the passenger cruise vessel.

Location: Asia Pacific

Job sample 2017/154

Replacement of the main battery bank for DC consumers and watertight doors system for the passenger cruise ship

Location:Asia Pacific

Job sample 2017/022

Concept layout development and follow-up on delivery of the DP2 control system and navigating bridge for the offshore accommodation and repair vessel, delivery to Class and charterer acceptance trials

Location: Latin America

Job sample 2018/178

Retrofit of the lighting system for casino for passenger cruise vessel. Upgrade light source to LED technology to defeat shadows and uneven light distribution, reduce energy consumption and heat generation.

Location: Asia Pacific

Job sample 2018/175

Replacement aged rotary DC converter transitional power solution to the modern technology for passenger cruise vessel

Location: Asia Pacific

Job sample 2017/047

Case study for retrofitting upgraded shore power arrangement for the passenger cruise vessel

Location: Asia Pacific

Job sample 2017/003

DP console layout and ergonomics planning, FAT, FMEA trials, acceptance

Location: Asia

Ресурс 4AGFA-603


  • Equipment sourcing and installation
  • Parts sourcing and procurement assistance
  • Machinery control and monitoring systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Fuel monitoring and management
  • Propulsion systems
  • Deck equipment
  • Navigation systems
  • Navigation & signal light system
  • Advisory systems
  • Security systems
  • IoT
  • Internal CCTV
  • External CCTV/Night vision
  • Thermal Imaging system
  • Telecommunications
  • Analog and IP Telephony
  • Public Address
  • Entertainment systems
  • IT & data networks
  • Certified Fiber Optics Installation  /CFOI    (NEW)
  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution / Cabling works
  • Power Management
  • Power Transformation
  • AC and AC Power Supply
  • UPS
  • Lighting Systems/LED/Lighting control
  • Low-location Lighting Testing    (NEW)
  • Safety Systems
  • Fire Detection & Suppression
  • Fire damper control
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Remote valve control systems
  • Tank gauging systems
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Cargo control and monitoring
  • Process control systems
  • Helideck monitoring system
  • Helideck lighting system
  • DP Systems
Ресурс 7AGFA-606


  • Representation of the Owners
  • Project supervision on behalf of the Owners
  • Owner's presence at FATs (Factory Acceptance Testing)
  • Assistance in technical discussions related to Electrical & Automation Systems
  • Technical due Diligence
  • Assistance to Owners
Ресурс 5AGFA-604


  • Project Management
  • Interfacing
  • Specifications development
  • Contracts technical review
  • Manpower
  • Work Supervision
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Management of compliance
  • Start-up phase
  • Systems upgrades
  • Refit Projects



Ресурс 6AGFA-605


  • Electrical Design
  • Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Lifecycle management
  • Energy Saving
  • Feasibility studies
  • SRtP study
  • FMEA
  • Advice and Consultancy

Ресурс 3AGFA-602


  • Trials
  • Testing
  • Inspections
  • Supervision of construction
  • Surveys

Total Project Management and Engineering

TRITON can deliver the complete engineering package for electrical installation. Triton provides Electrical engineering and contracting for retrofits conversion and new builds. We also supply workforce to match all your needs. Once our CUSTOMER has the order with TRITON, it is of utmost importance for us that project remains manageable at all times. Our Project Managers, supported by in-house and external engineers, deliver a robust and practical design that is being concluded in a very close collaboration with end-user.

navigation lights bulbs on the oil & gas offshore wellhead platform.

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